19. November 2008

SOURCES 2 - Upcoming Application Deadline!

Autor: VDD

SOURCES 2 Script Development Workshop

Seven-day session, coached development period, follow-up session
for screenwriters and teams of writers, producers or directors

Application deadline: 1st December 2008

for the workshop in Girona/Spain, 31st March – 8th April 2009,

with the support of the Catalan Institute of Cultural Industries.

Requested: Feature film projects and creative documentaries

Application fee: Euro 100. Participation fee: Euro 1.800 per project/writer

and Euro 900 per second/third person committed to the project.

Includes the seven-day session (accommodation + meals included,

travel costs excluded), coaching during the re-writing period, and the second

session of one day per project (accommodation, meals, travel costs excluded).


For further information, guidelines + application forms please contact:

Renate Gompper – Marion Gompper – Cressida Joyce

SOURCES, Köthener Strasse 44, D-10963 Berlin,
phone +49.30.8860211, fax +49.30.8860213

info@sources2.de, www.sources2.de