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SOURCES 2 - Script Development Workshop - Deadline 1.12.2010

Seven-day session, coached development period, follow-up session.

Workshops for professional scriptwriters and teams of writers, producers or directors with a feature-length film project in development. In general feature films and creative documentaries for cinema and television (treatment or script, documentary presentation).

Upcoming application deadline: 1st December 2010
for the workshop in Graz/Austria, 31st March - 8thApril 2011 (with the support of Cinestyria Filmkunst, the Province of Styria/Cultural Department,
and in cooperation with uniT Graz).

For feature film projects and creative documentaries.

Informationen zu den Workshops:

- workshops' programme

Training in the craft of scriptwriting, storytelling, script analysis, genres and styles, development of structure and characters, re-writing skills.

Coaching in the development of the participants’ projects while considering the process of evolution from page to screen, target audiences, production aspects, financing, as well as the positioning and presentation of the project within the industry, visual style, and the involvement of actors. Work in small groups and in individual meetings.

Film screenings, seminars, lectures, keynotes, discussions and the SOURCES of Inspiration Lecture. Individual sessions with film industry representatives are occasionally offered.

- process

intensive sessions and coaching

Training through professional development in a non-competitive atmosphere is the outstanding characteristic of SOURCES 2. Experience shows that scripts are most effectively developed as part of a collaborative process.

Each work group is guided by an experienced adviser, who carefullly leads the group members through the three-month process, discussing each project and providing his/her feedback, advice and suggestions. Complementary individual meetings are included.

In an intensely creative process, participants work diligently on the development of their own and one another’s first draft projects, exploring the diversity of European culture as well as their differences and common grounds along the way. The communicative strength of each script is tested by a first professional audience, whose international feed-back opens up new and different perspectives on the projects in development while stimulating the individual creative process at the same time.

- participants

European scriptwriters, directors and producers

SOURCES 2 workshops are tailored to professional European scriptwriters and teams of writers and co-writers, directors or producers developing a film project.

Team participation is encouraged as a means of strengthening creative partnerships and increasing the efficiency of the development process.

Teams submitting a feature film project might be composed of the writer and co-writer, director or producer. Documentary filmmakers submitting a creative documentary are equally encouraged to apply as a team which might be composed of the director and researcher, producer, editor and/or cinematographer.

Filmmakers who want to attend the workshop on their own are naturally welcome to apply as well.

- working languages

English is the working language for all workshops. In the few workshops offering a second working language (e.g. French, German, Italian, Spanish) each of the small groups communicates in one language; the general sessions are in English.

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